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01:02 PM AppScale Feature #454 (New): Add advanced autoscale test into Release Job


10:03 AM AppScale Feature #453 (In Progress): Advanced autoscale tests
Implement a script which changes request rate and checks changes of application scale.
Would be very helpful if you ...


01:45 PM AppScale Feature #447 (New): Push Hermes stats to Portal
Make Hermes push stats to Portal.
Process received stats on the Portal side.
01:43 PM AppScale Feature #446 (New): Explore current state of Portal
Particularly you have to check what's current state of stats functionality.
01:41 PM AppScale Feature #445 (New): Use new Hermes stats on the tools side
Decide where stats should be show (should it be part of status or it should be separate command).
Design a look of s...
01:39 PM AppScale Feature #444 (New): Provide external access to Hermes stats API
You may add it as a Proxy API to Controller. Or reconfigure nginx to route requests to :17443/stats/* to Hermes.
10:46 AM AppScale Feature #433 (In Progress): Release 3.3


01:55 PM AppScale Feature #432 (Feedback): Performance profiler on Hermes


02:49 PM AppScale Feature #432 (In Progress): Performance profiler on Hermes
02:49 PM AppScale Feature #319 (Rejected): Add Stats Collection Interface
Alternative solution for collecting stats was implemented

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