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06:44 PM AppScale Bug #450 (New): Restart celery workers after undeploy, deploy
Currently, an application's celery workers remain stopped after undeploying and redeploying the app.
04:26 PM AppScale Feature #449 (New): Run multiple service versions at the same time
The controller must be able to assign multiple services and multiple versions of the same project to run on the deplo...
03:53 PM AppScale Feature #448 (In Progress): Store service and version details in ZooKeeper
Each version should be given a znode at /appscale/projects/<project-id>/services/<service-id>/versions/<version-id>. ...


11:41 PM AppScale Bug #434 (New): Inaccurate hostname validation
The Python API Proxy fetches the wrong certificate when validating the hostname.
When fetching https://w...


12:09 AM AppScale Feature #415 (Closed): Scope compatibility with gcloud deploy adds basic support for deploying versions with the Admin API.


11:13 PM AppScale Feature #377 (Closed): Add Clean Index Marker
Added with
11:12 PM AppScale Bug #376 (Closed): Backwards Compatibility for Tools
Fixed with
06:52 PM AppScale Feature #417 (New): Catch and present more errors during deploy
The client should be notified when there are any problems when deploying the application. A couple specific examples ...
06:49 PM AppScale Feature #416 (Closed): Unify client code paths when deploying app
Currently, the dashboard uses a different code path than the tools when uploading an application. The goal is to use ...
06:46 PM AppScale Feature #415 (Closed): Scope compatibility with gcloud deploy
Look into how much effort is required for supporting all of the operations that the gcloud tool uses to deploy/redepl...

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