Graziano Obertelli





06:55 PM AppScale Revision 30a3d3e6 (appscale): Merge pull request #3026 from cdonati/commit-pb-method
Move protobuffer handling to different level
06:55 PM AppScale Revision 29666517 (appscale): Merge pull request #3024 from cdonati/remove-stats-url
Remove HAProxy stats URL
06:55 PM AppScale Revision 7e5a5a62 (appscale): Merge pull request #2979 from cdonati/task-result
Wait for result before setting chosen task name
06:55 PM AppScale Revision ae17b835 (appscale): Merge pull request #2963 from cdonati/python-runtime-facets
Add faceted search support to the Python runtime


09:58 PM AppScale Revision 66ce7647 (appscale): Merge pull request #2986 from cdonati/batch-queries
Continue batch query if limit hasn't been reached
09:55 PM AppScale Revision aac6cc11 (appscale): Merge pull request #3015 from cdonati/instance-health-checks
Restart unavailable instances


04:00 PM AppScale Revision ef275250 (appscale): Merge pull request #2993 from cdonati/no-cas-field-check
Remove "for_cas" field requirement on set
03:49 PM AppScale Revision 7cee90f1 (appscale): Merge pull request #3002 from cdonati/dashboard-public-ips
Access AC and AdminServer with private IPs


11:51 PM AppScale Revision 61f58de5 (appscale): Revert "Remove caching of local IP"
This reverts commit 577c30ff101627f9949cbdc82a55b1970ca6cf90.
11:39 PM AppScale Revision 577c30ff (appscale): Remove caching of local IP
HelperFunction used a class variable to cache of the local IP used. It
was set by djinn upon start (in find_me_in_loc...

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