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Need Assistance for Eucalyptus Cloud version 4.0.2

Added by Surya Kant over 1 year ago.

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1. We are using Eucalyptus 4.0.2 for Haryana Government private cloud setup established in 2014. Our Production nodes {Slaves} started experiencing CA certificate expiry. In case of this issue, libvirt service on node is impacted, because of this issue VM hosted on the node start losing connectivity with the CC {Master Node}. As a workaround, ## (hashed) certain lines in libvirt configuration, libvirt services restarted however VM Instances are not picking up private IPs from CC thus new workloads are not reachable.
As per recommendation from redhat, they suggested to change below parameter from libvirtd.conf file.
  1. egrep "listen_tls|listen_tcp" libvirtd.conf #listen_tls = 0 #listen_tcp = 1
    As per our understanding, when node is created no certificate are available on node. When we register node with CC, the certificate related details are invoked
    What we understand is that the CA certificate are assigned through CC only. Following is the path of the where certificate details are listed:-
    2. With no longer available, repositories of Eucalyptus 4.0.2 are needed to create any node further. We followed steps as listed @
    However, created repo have missing files.

Wipro had given 5 year PO to Eucalyptus. However, Eucalyptus product changes multiple organizations in the course. Please assist.

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